San Francisco Motorcycle Club

Est. 1904. Where the Motorcyclist is always welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of you don’t know who or what we’re all about - this is where you’ll find out!


You claim that you are one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in the world?
We have documents proving that the San Francisco Motorcycle Club was founded in 1904, and the Club library contains a running history since that time showing continuous operation as a motorcycle club. Many clubs from this period were “Wheelmen” clubs dedicated to bicyclists, but the SFMC was always specific to motorized cycles, and was never associated with any bicycle club.


Are you a Harley club?
No, we are not focused on any single brand of motorcycle. In fact, our club’s founding members included at least three members who each owned a different motorcycle dealership.

Aside from being one of the oldest motorcycle clubs, what kind of a club are you?
We’re a motorcycle club for San Francisco’s (and nearby) riders. We have male and female members, members with Harleys, Triumphs, BMWs, Hondas, Kawasakis, Yamahas Suzukis and KTMs. We have members with dirt bikes and we have members with race bikes. We have members who commute to work on motorcycles, who like to take month-long trips on motorcycles, who like to work on motorcycles, who only have antique bikes, who only ride on weekends, etc. The age ranges from 18 to 80, with the median being around 33. Professions range from the unemployed to executives. The common denominators are that we all live in the area, own at least one motorcycle, we all have motorcycle licenses, and we get along about as well as most families.


How can I join?
We are a motorcycle club, not an association. Persons interested in joining a motorcycle association are directed to their local factory club (Harley Owners GroupHonda Rider Associationetc.) where they can pay a fee, and immediately become a member of that association. On the other hand, our application process requires a potential member to be recommended by two current members, pay a small (partially refundable) fee, and undergo a 3 month prospect-ship  During those three months, the potential member must attend and assist in 66% of the club’s weekly business meetings and 66% of the club’s bi-monthly rides. Following the trial period the membership will vote on the potential member’s admission. Only after passing that vote will the potential member be admitted to membership in the SFMC.


But how can a person join if they need two recommendations and don’t know any members?
By coming down to our weekly meetings and going on rides with us you’ll meet fellow San Francisco motorcyclists who probably share many of your interests. We’ll get to know you, and you us, and you’ll probably get two members to recommend you.

I’m not a club-type but it sounds like an interesting place. Is it possible to visit?
Of course! We have a business meeting which is open to people interested in motorcycles every Thursday at 8:30 PM. (2194 Folsom Street @ 18th Street). We happily extend an invitation to motorcyclists to be our guests for the evening. From March to October, we have 2 official rides a month, and unofficial rides year round. All riders are welcome to come along. Our clubhouse is maintained and filled by club members who enjoy motorcycles, and since you seem inclined that way yourself, you’re likely to meet people at the clubhouse who share your interests. Stop by on a Thursday evening or for a club ride and check us out. Do not be deterred by the application process, just stop by and hang out awhile as our guest. The clubhouse’s walls are covered with over a hundred years worth of framed photographs, banners, awards, trophies and documents. It’s a veritable museum to San Francisco motorcycling. An invitation to join us for an evening is always free, and we would love to see you as a guest in our clubhouse!

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