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AMA Supercross at AT&T Park

AMA Supercross came to AT&T park Saturday, and they put on a great show. Unfortunately, James "Bubba" Stewart had wrist surgery the day before and wasn't racing. They packed an impressive amount of track onto that little field, and our seats up in the nosebleed section provided a great view. The racers put in a hell of a showing, and the track crew did an outstanding job of maintaining the course. The only disappointment was the pits. I guess I'm used to amateur race pits where you can get up close and personal with racers and bikes that show what great work you can do on a shoestring budget. The teams here were behind barriers, and the bikes had so much technology, that they seemed to be missing that soul. It was almost like a museum. But once you saw those bikes flying around the track, that all melted away as you watched these guys doing what they do best.

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