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Brunch at Hs' Lordship

Saturday, March 26, 2011 Brunch at Hs' Lordship After spending 6 days in the saddle this ride was a piece of cake, and a omelet, and crab legs, and champagne . . . . you get the point.

We started the day at the clubhouse at 9:30am and lingered until a little past 10am until all the riders had assembled. In attendance at the club were members Dave, Hoa, Brian, Kalle, Bruce, Sheree, and Papa. Prospects Caroline, Mole, and Ari were there as well as Guest Jeff, Dennis, Marisa, and Lisa. 2 Future Mascots from the Bokman Family were also present.

At 10:05am the Group Shot was taken and a short, slightly soggy journey was made across the Bay Bridge to Berkeley. Nursing a near bald rear tire and carrying a passenger I chose a slower than normal speed to cross the bridge. It was too much for Bruce to stand and he zipped past and waited for us at the toll booth parking lot. Traffic was a little dicey, but the group stayed together well. We exited at University and trolled thru Berkeley's industrial west end before crossing over the freeway towards the Berkeley Marina. Upon arrival to Hs' Lordship Parking Lot, we were greeted by a large 40' X 70' puddle that Hoa and Guest Jeff just couldn't resist. Didn't know BMW made watercraft?

We were early, so we waited in the reception area until the buffet was officially open. During our wait Leonard and then Cary arrived. All of the food looked delicious and there was a wide selection of eggs, breakfast meats, carved meats, seafood, breads, and salads. Perhaps pricey at 32.50 (including tax) each, but I'm sure it won't be long before the economy chases that price upwards. A special treat was the appearance of Darrell & Diane from LA. They were at a work conference in Napa but had to stop by to at least say "Hi". Back to the food, everyone had several plates and tummies were full. The group broke ranks at about 1pm except for Leonard who was interested in visiting the desert line at least one more time.

A little more chatting was done in the parking lot and it was back off to The City. A nice mid-afternoon nap finished my day.


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