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By The Time We Get To Phoenix: Part 1

This year we started off with a bang by covering over 10000 miles thru 3 states in 6 days. Our journey started with the customary group  photo in front of the clubhouse at high noon. Those who were in attendance were members Papa, Dave, Hoa, Steve, Prospects Caroline & Ari, as well as guest rider Jeff. At the meeting before the ride it was announced that to get credit for the ride it would be necessary to ride to Tortilla Flats. So we headed off to the corner of 18th Street and Bryant where another picture was taken of Papa, Dave, Hoa, Steve, and Prospect Caroline. Points recorded, all but Steve were still willing to make the trip to Arizona. Ari had other plans and guest Jeff need to go back to work, but promised to catch up. So ready to ride, off we were to cross the Bay Bridge towards Hiway 5. We were to meet up with Rex Neely of Port Stockton M/C and Barbara Sutton of Capital City M/C by 2pm in Sana Nella so no time could be wasted. We made good time and found Rex and Barbara standing in a Chevron parking lot. They had arrived only moments before. Pleseantries exchanged, we were back on Hiway 5 with the intent of reaching Buttonwillow. With 250 miles being the required distance away from the clubhouse to collect points for a meeting it was necessary to go at least that far. No one in the group felt saddlesore when we reached Buttonwillow, so we decided to go as far as we could before nightfall. We wound up in Mojave and settled in to the Motel 6 around 7:30pm. There was a cafe across the street, Barbie's Primo Dinner, and that would be our spot for dinner. We all ordered and the food was tasty and plentiful. No one wasable to finish their plate. Long rides can make you do funny things, and this one was no different. As a joke, we decided to all call different members at the clubhouse at the same time. Don't know what the reaction was inside the clubhouse, but the other patron in the cafe all moved a little closer to the exits once we started "belly-laughing". Cigars, Scotch, and St.Patrick's Day hats worn in front of our rooms finished out the 1st day.

Day 2 started by returning to Barbie's for breakfast. Again, way too much food for the price. There was a group of older gentlemen (i use the term loosely) sitting in a booth in the corner who made reference to my "smurf" blue and thought since I/we were from San Francisco we'd enjoy some of the flavored coffees. i was reminded to behave myself and we actually enjoyed hearing the old geeser's stories. We had to get on the road, and after spilling a cup of "Joe" on myself it seemed like the right time to leave. Pointing eastward we were continue on Hiwat 58 and into Barstow. A short fuel stop turned to to a "Scratcher" frenzey as Prospect Caroline kept winning just enough to get more tickets. I should also mention that Dave was earlier assigned the duty of Communication Officer and would be spending much of his time texting between Jeff in hopes that he would catch us and Andy as to when to expect us. I think he now has carpal tunnel syndrome in his thumbs. Back to the story, we were now headed in the direction of Las Vegas and even with skys somewhat overcast, you could feel the warmth of the desert sun. In Vegas we took a 2 hour break to see some of the sights, do a little gambling, and eat at Dick's (the waiters do their best to live up to the name) inside the Excalibur. From Vegas, we were now southbound to ride across the Hoover Dam. Having never been there, but seeing photos, i was a little disappoint in regards to how short a distance it is to cross over the actual dam. We took some photos and tried to leave the dam by way of the road to the east. No good, there is no longer a eastern exit from Hoover Dam and it is necessary to back track and take the Pat Tillman By-Pass to enter Arizona.  Heading south on Highway 93 at speeds that caught the attention of Arizona's Department of Public Safety, it was necessary to bring our "ponies"  back under control. At least until Johnny Law was satisfied that we respected his authority and presence on Arizona's Highways. Under the shadow of darkness the decision was made that we would stop short of our prefered destination of Williams and bunk in Segliman instead. It worked out to be a good choice as we stayed at a funky old 50's motel, Historic Route 66.  The diner next door, Roadkill Cafe, offered its own offbeat charm with many unusually named dishes for supper. The rest of the night was again celebrated with cigars and Bushmill. The was even a group of Germans from the Mainhatten HOG Chapter there that shared their tales of  motorcycling adventure and their appreciation and vastness of the American Southwest. Alot was said about how much an American motorcycle sells for in Germany and we are lucky that they are so plentiful here. I didn't have the heart to tell them that most of the club rides BMW's.

Day 3 and guest Jeff has caught up with us. After breakfast in Lilo's Cafe, we ride eastward  on Highwat 40 to Williams and then make a left heading towards the Grand Canyon. Entry price for the park is $25 per vehicle or so the sign says. We get in for $12 and find the hole that everyone talks about. It is quite impressive what nature can do, but we have a date with Andy and we need to get to Phoenix today! We blast down Highway 17 and before long are at the house of Mike Golden (Andy's friend) and are greeted by Mike, Andy, Instant Dave, and our airbourne member Nameless. Only a PBR dispensing Pepsi machine is a bigger suprise. Nameles and Andy are quick to notify me that Nameless has already made hid pilgrimage A BBQ is had in our honor and more cigars, liquoir and beer fill the night.

To be continued,


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