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Gasoline Cowboys Custom Classic Moto Wear

If you like the look of old-school motorcycle clothing and don't happen to be one of these handsome devils, you should take a look at what Gasoline Cowboys has to offer. They design and sell classic motorcycle sweaters that look like you just pulled them out of your grandfather's closet.

This link is provided without any official support of any kind, either express or implied, by the SFMC and its members. It is merely provided as potentially of interest to our members and supporters.

Eddie Rickenbacker's

If you are motorcycle person, and live in the Bay Area, you owe yourself a visit to Eddie Rickenbacker's. Norm's collection of old motorcycles is incredible and on display all the time. Credited with opening the city's first fern bar back in the day, Norm now lives more or less in the restaurant. Don't deny yourself the chance to see this place. Who knows how much longer it will be there.

California Motor Company

Last week's post on George Wyman inspired me to look into the California Motor Company a bit more, and I found this interesting albeit brief history.

Undoubtedly the biggest event of the year for the company was George Wyman's success in crossing the continent on his California motorcycle. The publicity generated by this event was huge: not only did it consume pages of the specialist press (for example The Motorcycle Magazine and The Bicycling World and Motocycle Review both carried extensive reports over several issues), but the event captured good coverage in newspapers of the day. California advertising made much of the epic achievement, but perhaps more importantly much of the post-ride editorial comment read like California advertising copy. In these pioneering days of motorcycling, the California was was in the spotlight.

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